Beautiful 5 Acre Property

Property aerial
Property audit
Auditing the barn
Final walk through
Front - after
Back - after
Panoramic of back after
Barn - after
Deck - after
Fencing - after
Pergola - after
Railings - after

About This Project

Project Snapshot: This project was expansive in scope and required a team of highly talented craftsman. From the expansive Rocky Mountain views to the beautiful barn and rolling fencing, this property speaks for itself. LIME was absolutely humbled and appreciative for the trust from this family to team up with the GREEN Team. The preparation was extensive and require meticulous scraping, priming, and caulking to create an ideal profile for the high performance top coat products to adequately adhere. This project was done with integrity and customer satisfaction at the forefront. It took a team effort, but LIME delivered a custom result that will last the test of time.

Beautiful 5 Acre Property in Parker, CO

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