Website visitors, on this project, we are just show pictures of our carpentry work (before and during). There was quite a bit of work done here, but we didn't get after shots on the rest of the home...oops ?. Nevertheless, it was a great project to be a part of! 
This home is located in one of the most scenic neighborhoods in Boulder: East Chautauqua. It is in walking distance of Kohler Mesa Trail, Four Pines Trail, et al. The back yard overlooks the city and University of Colorado, and the front patio provides views of the glorious Rocky Mountains. It does not get better than that!
This home went roughly 10 years without a paint job, and various sections of the home were beginning to look distressed. One of the window sills began rotting out. So, #LIMEPaintingofBoulder applied bondo to re-establish more integrity in the sills and to help protect the windows. Another section had boards rotting out below the window, and our #carpenters were able to #tailorcutboards to replace the previously failed boards. We spot primed all of the failed product with a high performance peel bonding primer. We finished painting the home with a #satinsheen. Finally, on the exterior, we #painted the #stucco with an #elastomericcoating to help bridge the #hairlinecracks.
On the #interior, we #patchedthedrywall matching the existing knock down texture, and #painted the ceilings that we #patched and #skimcoated.
These clients were a true pleasure to serve, and #LIMEPaintingofBoulder was humbled to get to work on this unique, Boulder home.
East Chautauqua Carpentry before
East Chautauqua Carpentry
East Chautauqua Carpentry work
East Chautauqua Carpentry work process